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Volvo CE powers up profitability with first grid-connected electric excavator

The new Volvo EC500 Electric grid-connected excavator by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is being launched to the China market as the perfect solution to increase productivity and lower operating costs – all the while allowing customers to work more sustainably.

The zero-exhaust emission crawler excavator is designed for static applications and can work continuously on repetitive tasks involving loading, swinging and dumping. With no need to refuel or recharge – thanks to its constant cable connection - it boasts outstanding levels of operator comfort, lower maintenance costs and faster cycle times compared to a diesel alternative.

A cost-effective solution with the capacity to work 24/7 if required, customers can be assured of round-the-clock productivity and clean operation in applications which do not require the machine to move, such as river port material handling.

Plug in productivity

Uptime is enhanced with the continuous power connection provided by the EC500 Electric – in fact there is no need to stop working at all. The well-protected power cable comes from the ground and connects to the machine under the superstructure, ensuring a safe, durable and convenient power connection for the entirety of the task in hand.

Not only is an electric machine like the EC500 Electric a better choice for the environment, it is also the smart choice for business too. It provides an up to 50% reduction in energy costs, thanks to the cost-effective nature of electricity as a power source compared to fuel, and 30% less maintenance, due to a lack of engine-related consumables that require servicing such as engine oil, filters and water separator.

What’s more, the electric motor is around 99% efficient and because no energy is used when the machine is neither moving nor working it helps to additionally save on energy consumption and wear.

When maintenance actions are required, they can be completed with speed and ease thanks to ground level access to the pump and cooling module/EDB. The newly designed electric control cabinet is positioned on the side of the upper frame, just one step away.

Electric staying power

Electric solutions like the EC500 Electric also have the power to open up new business opportunities for customers too, helping to enhance work conditions. It provides the ability to work during unsociable hours or even 24 hours a day, thanks to the machine’s near silent operation, or to work in noise sensitive areas, indoors and in low carbon zones, as a result of its zero-tailpipe emissions.

A quieter jobsite also supports clear and easy communication, leading to improved teamwork and safety on site. In addition, operators experience a more comfortable working environment due to a significant reduction in noise, vibration and heat.

Because of the immediate torque provided by electric power, the EC500 Electric also benefits from more responsive hydraulics and faster cycle times in comparison to its diesel counterpart.

volvo crawler excavator ec500 electric

Custom fit connection

Whatever the task or segment, the cable-connected crawler excavator can be configured to the unique demands of customers to secure long-lasting performance. Thanks to a range of machine options and attachments – including Fall Over Protective Structure (FOPS), One-piece safety net, Double grouser track shoes, Full track guard and Heavy duty bucket – there is no challenge that cannot be taken on with strength and reliability.

With the addition of Volvo Services’ extensive offering, customers can also be guaranteed of securing the complete package tailor made to their needs. Services include easy machine monitoring through the new generation PSR telematics solution – allowing customers to manage their fleet more efficiently via real time tracking – and 24/7 connectivity through ActiveCare – where machine monitoring is handled instead by the Volvo Uptime Center.

A one-year warranty with unlimited working hours and extended coverage comes as standard on the EC500 Electric, with an extended warranty applicable from the second year. Together, the standard and extended warranty are available as either a 12 month standard + 60 month extended warranty or a 12 month standard + 12,000 hours extended warranty. And with our round-the-clock customer support hotline, a professional service team is always on hand to help.

The new EC500 Electric grid-connected excavator is available now in China. For more information, please contact your local dealer.

Key specifications:

 Main specifications  Unit  EC500 Electric
 Operating weight  kg  50 750
 Gross power  kW  250
 ... at engine speed  rpm  1 500
 Bucket capacity  m³  3.03
 Lifting capacity, along undercarriage  kg  17 820
 ... at reach / height  m  6.0 / 1.5
 Max. digging reach  mm  11 817
 Max. digging depth  mm  7 478 
 Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal)  kN  230
 Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost)  kN  251
 Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal)  kN  211
 Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost)  kN  230
 Overall width  mm  3 440
 Tail swing radius  mm  3 800

Based on machine configuration:
Long crawler, Boom 7.0 m/23’; Arm 3.0 m/11’; Shoe 600 mm/23.62”; CWT 10 300 kg/21,495 lb