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EC55 Electric

  • 5,800 kg
  • 4,000 mm
  • 67 kWh

As China embarks on a greener and cleaner future, we are proud to play our role with the introduction of a range of all-electric, zero-exhaust... Read more

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A Cleaner Choice, A Smart Investment

As China embarks on a greener and cleaner future, we are proud to play our role with the introduction of a range of all-electric, zero-exhaust machines, including the Volvo EC55 Electric. Building on 20-years of industry knowledge, our electric solutions are the next step on our sustainability journey, meeting new emissions standards and working towards a carbon-neutral future for everyone.

Operating weight 5,800 kg
Max. digging depth 4,000 mm
Max. dump height 4,090 mm
Travel speed, low / high 2.6 / 4.3 km/h
Breakout force 40 kN
Tear out force (arm breakout force) 29 kN
Overall width 1,920 mm
Overall length 5,885 mm
Main hydraulic pump max. flow 144 l/min
Electric motor (peak) 42 kW
Battery voltage 400 V
Battery capacity 67 kWh
Indicative runtime (depending on application) Up to 4-6
Sound pressure level (LpA) at operator's position 75 dB
Sound power level (LWA) around the machine 92 dB

50% reduction in energy costs

A move to an electric machine can reduce energy-related costs by more than 50%, thanks to the more cost-effective nature of electricity as a power source compared to fuel.

30% less maintenance

No engine-related consumables such as engine oil, filters and water separator, means 30% less maintenance is required in our electric machines – dramatically reducing downtime and costs.

New business horizons

Open up new opportunities for your business with a low noise and zero tailpipe emissions machine.

Building a more sustainable world

From the jobsite, to the local community, to the planet as a whole – an electric machine is a quieter and cleaner choice for everyone.

Plug and Play charging solutions

The EC55 Electric can be fully charged during a lunch break. Choose from a range of charging solutions depending on your operational requirements.

Easy machine monitoring

PSR is the new generation of telematics hardware, bringing you brand-new and upgraded connected services.

Only with Volvo attachments do you get what you wanted when you bought a Volvo in the first place – maximum productivity and uptime. Volvo develops and offers a wide range of attachments which brings you unmatched flexibility and versatility, making it easy for you to develop job opportunities and to get the job done with increased productivity. Displayed attachments may not be available in all markets. Consult your dealer for specific availability.